Day: November 28, 2014

Brief and Random

Thanksgiving is a slow time in the blogosphere.

I have been fighting a headache all day, so I have very little to give here. But, a promise to blog daily in November still stands, so…

Why is it so hard to get a teenager to go to bed, even though he knows intellectually that he’ll be a zombie if he doesn’t get enough sleep and he needs to get up early to go to practice?

I saw the movie “Predestination“.  It was quite good, even if not exactly subtle near the end. They kept dropping hints to the same final twist like 7 times. Alright — we get it! Geez.

Finally, how busy people are versus how busy they think they are. I remember thinking I was super busy in high school, then college, then grad school. Those were all fun and games. My life now would kick the winds out of my younger self.