Day: June 4, 2016

Takeoff Imminent

I am traveling for work again. I hope to have a number of “Notes from the Road” posts for you!

I have some paper resubmissions to work on while away, as well as my editorial and refereeing duties. But, I also have to carefully inspect a paperback proof of “Academaze” so we can finalize the text for the June 20 release! (Update: Turns out print edition is out early!)

The book is really gorgeous in print. I don’t think I fully grasped how beautiful the greens on the cover were until I was able to hold a physical copy.
Below, Middle Boy is posing with a paperback proof — he volunteered! He’s the most excited one among my brood about the whole book business.




Melanie did a fabulous job with formatting, so I am really happy with the layout. (Thanks, Melanie!)  The book is beautiful and hefty, at 339 pages (without back and front matter). You can see the side view, with a 5-ft kid for size. Yet, I ended up using roughly 20% of all the blog material from 2010-2015, so the collection is nice and tight!

Before I forget: Melanie sent out ARCs (advanced reader copies) yesterday. If you signed up to be an advance reader but for some reason didn’t receive an ARC email from Melanie Nelson of Annorlunda Books yet, please let me know. Kindle users: the mobi file is a bit large, and many email servers will cap your attachment size at 25 MB. You can transfer the file via USB onto your Kindle directly or you can do what I did (I don’t have a Kindle device, but use Kindle for PC or the phone app): the file zips nicely to below 25 MB, and you can email zip to your Kindle address (it will unpack automatically upon receipt). Any problems, let me know.

I will shut up now about the book, at least for a little while.

Two awesome links before we part ways:

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The Prodigal Academic is back! The Prodigal Academic and I started blogging around the same time in 2010, but she stepped away for a little bit when things got crazy on the tenure track. She’s tenured now and back to writing great stuff! I highly recommend that you go say hi to The Prodigal Academic and browse through her archives — many good posts there! And a must-not-miss Non-academic Science Career Information Aggregator.