Day: November 9, 2016

Well, That Happened

Not sure what else there is to say.  Michael Moore called it in July.

I am not sad, just low-grade angry and mostly numb. We are in for a lot of $hit.

But I am not entirely surprised. I have been telling myself that people couldn’t be so hateful to elect Trump, that reason would prevail and we’d elect Hillary.
It turns out, people are exactly that hateful. People are bigoted assholes who want the world to burn. People will vote for a man, literally any man, no matter how despicable, instead of a woman. The US is way more sexist than racist, and it is pretty fuckin’ racist.

There was nothing wrong with Hillary. She’s a smart and accomplished woman and would’ve made a great president. The campaign was run well. To whoever feels they can say “But people just don’t like her, I don’t know why,” the reason is sexism, the reason is misogyny. “But-but-but emails! Benghazi! Neo-con! Hawkish! Untrustworthy! Corrupt!” No. That is bullshit. The real reason is misogyny. The wish to punish uppity women. A candidate can do or say the most vile things imaginable about women, and he gets elected not despite of them, but precisely because of them, because enough male voters like what he’s saying and wish they could be saying and doing the exact same themselves. The parents of many of my students and perhaps the students themselves likely voted for Trump; these students will sit in my class and think that middle-aged women like me are pieces of meat past its consumption date and thus worth nothing, or even less than nothing because of my accent.

This is about returning the country to rich white men, as executed for the most part by the not-exactly-rich white men who think they are entitled to the same, and are sure they would totally be getting all they are entitled to if it weren’t for women, blacks, Latinos, gays, foreigners, and don’t forget the godless — none of them knowing their proper place! But Trump will show them all!

Fuck the bridge-the-divide bull$hit. You voted for Trump, you voted for the divide. You are hateful and I want nothing to do with  you.

I will probably be scared soon, as we are in for a world of $hit. We elected a misogynist, racist, and xenophobe. The Republicans now have the legislative and executive branches of the government under their control.

Right now I am angry, disappointed, and bugging my husband to move to Australia.