Day: December 18, 2016

New Year’s Academaze Game


Hi all, it’s been a few months since “Academaze” came out. As I am quite proud of it, I would like to spread the word and get more people to read it.

If you enjoy this blog and are active on social media, I would like to ask for your help in spreading the word about “Academaze”! To that end, I invite you to play New Year’s Academaze Game:


Over the next two weeks — starting when this post goes up, which is Sunday, December 18, 18:00 EST, and ending Tuesday, January 03, 03:00 EST — collect as many points as possible by sharing information about “Academaze” in various online spaces. The points are assigned according to:

2 points for each tweet containing the word “Academaze”, plus 2 additional points for each retweet and 1 point for each “like” that the original tweet receives.

20 points for an honest review of “Academaze” on

12 points for an honest review of “Academaze” on Goodreads

12 points for an honest review anywhere else (personal blog, Google+, etc) that’s at least a paragraph long (please leave a link in the comments); you can post the same review in different places and collect the points for each venue.

Whoever has the most points on January 01 wins!


There will be 1-3 prizes, depending on how many people end up playing.

Each prize will contain a paperback or electronic copy of “Academaze,” as the awardee prefers (outside of the US or Canada only electronic). If you win a paperback, I am happy to sign it, if you’d like.

Each awardee can request a drawing of their choice: I can draw your portrait from a photo (I am actually pretty good at drawing portraits), I can draw a special scene or a new cartoon on a topic of your choice, or I can mail you the original of a cartoon from the xykademiqz archives (US and Canada only).

If you already own a copy of Academaze and don’t want another one, you can replace the book with an additional drawing, post, short story, or a poem on a topic of your choice, or an illustrated explanation of a math or a physical-science concept.

Thank you for playing!