Day: May 25, 2017

How Far are You Willing to Go…

… by car?

I am contemplating driving 10 hrs each way to attend one day of a conference, where I am supposed to give a talk.

That would be a 10-hr drive, 1 day there, and a 10-hr drive back. I am very, very tempted to do it, because:

a) I love driving

b) I dislike flying (specifically, I hate always being cramped while flying, and ugh other people ugh)

Dear readers, in the poll below, please let us know how far you willing to drive. I am thinking of routine travel for work or leisure, where flying is an option; I am obviously not counting intentional road trips or moving cross country. I have driven 4-5 and 6-7 hours one way many times for work. I would definitely do the 10 hours if there were more days between the outbound and return trips.