Day: August 21, 2017

Pain in the Arse

I am feeling a little too rested, which makes me unbearably restless. I am really looking forward to the new semester and the return of structure, even if powers-that-be yet again make us use a completely new electronic course-management system.

Eldest told me yesterday, “Maybe you should write another book. The last one kept you occupied for a year!”

This was a well-deserved burn, because I tend to drive everyone crazy (even after concentrated efforts not to) when I am not sufficiently busy. I don’t do vacations well.

In the coming academic year, I will keep kickboxing/strength training 5x per week, as I’ve been doing this summer. Getting up at 4:30 am is not my favorite thing in the world, but with the early slot I’ve been attending regularly, which wouldn’t have been feasible with afternoon slots. Middle Boy has been showing interest in kickboxing, so I might buy a heavy bag for the two of us to punch and kick to our hearts’ content.

I am contemplating starting a weekly webcomic on academic life. I am looking at some resources to improve my drawing skills (remember, I have no formal training and my last art class was in freshman year of high school) and to learn about story-boarding, but mostly I think I just have to start and see how it goes. More on it when the comic is ready to go.

I am also working on some short stories, but I don’t think anything is ready for prime time. Again, I am looking as some online resources, both free ones (like this one) and short web courses.

I don’t like sucking at things, so I am clearly trying to preempt ┬áthe suckage… Although deep down I know it’s inevitable.

I receive the reviews of my proposals and papers non-stop, so there is no shortage of criticism in my life. Do I need even more rejection, as I put comic strips online or submit stories for publication? A glutton for punishment, I must be.

I am also looking into enrolling into some evening courses at the university to brush up on my so-rusty-it’s-basically-pulverized German. At least that should feature sucking without rejection.

Off to revise a paper. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the summer, and those who could took a nice peek at the solar eclipse!