Day: June 24, 2018

Netflix Movies to Delight

Lust Stories (IMDB; Netflix) (Indian drama/comedy) — four shorts depicting relationships in the modern Indian society; superb all around (storylines, directing, acting)

Matkub (IMDB; Netflix) (Israeli comedy) — two low-level crooks survive an explosion and decide to turn their lives around; really funny with a lot of heart

The Man in the Wall (IMDB; Netflix) (Israeli drama) — a young woman’s husband doesn’t come home after walking the dog; excellent acting and camera work

I Am Not an Easy Man (IMDB; Netflix) (French comedy) —  a modern world, where a pair of queens is worth more than a pair of kings; attention to detail makes this movie a powerful social satire

Set It Up (IMDB; Netflix) (American rom-com) — yes, it’s a rom-com, but it’s truly delightful

Big Eyes (IMDB; Netflix) (American biopic) —  the interesting life story of painter Margaret Keane; directed by Tim Burton, starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz