Month: January 2019

2019 Blog Delurking Week (January 6-13)

Happy Festivus! I hope everyone has recovered from the relatives and/or overeating and is back to a more-or-less regular schedule.

Traditionally, the first week of January is the blog delurking week… So, without further ado, I give you…

The Belated 2019 Blog Delurking Week (Jan 6-13, 2019)!


Please stop by to say ‘hi’ in the comments, whether or not you’ve ever commented before. Don’t be shy! Tell us a few things about yourself, what you hope to achieve in 2019, and/or what you would like to read about at xykademiqz in the coming year.

Thanks to everyone who has read and commented in 2018! Blogs remain a great outlet for the people who like to write and read longer pieces. Thank you all again for the support, and I am looking forward to another year of xykademiqz!

Update: This week — on January 10 — xykademiqz blog will be 5 years old! May will mark 9 years of my blogging altogether. Time flies!