Day: March 22, 2020


On the upside, I’m cooking more than ever. On the downside, I’m cooking more than ever. It’s a thing I can do and do well, but don’t burn with a desire to do more of. This from-scratch French bread was a big hit, but it was very low-tech (I mixed everything by hand and also have no rolling pin) and not something I want to do every day, especially because cleanup is a bitch.


I’ve been mostly in good spirits during the quarantine, but occasionally feel like I want to burst because there’s nowhere to hide for some peace and quiet. Last night I was this close (*holds thumb and forefinger a quarter inch apart*) to just hopping into my car and driving around. At least I can go out to take a walk during the day. It must be awful for people in big cities who literally can’t go anywhere.

I’ve got stuff to do, I’m not bored, we’re well stocked, but the people around me, lovely as they are, get to be a bit much.

Introvert readers, how are you coping? Extrovert readers, how about you? Too much/too little togetherness or just right?