Day: March 30, 2020


I don’t really know where the time went today. I’ve been busy with this drabble contest I’m running, sending out mostly form and some second-round rejections (over 140 emails so far and still have quite a few to go; thank God for Gmail templates). The contest isn’t over yet, but will be soon, and I didn’t want to start sifting through the stories at the last minute, because, you know, COVID.

I also wanted to share some weird (good weird) news. I’d never in my life received anything in any game of chance (raffle, lottery, etc.). I rarely go for these things anyway,  because I believe in my fundamental inability to score anything. Yet, in the past two weeks I received not one but two free books in giveaways on Twitter; to enter, you had to retweet (which I did because it’s a nice and easy thing to do, never expecting to get anything) and then the names were drawn at random. Long story short, I scored two really cools books! If the crazy weather and the pandemic aren’t enough, this is the definitive proof that the reality as we know it is unraveling.

I saw my graduate students on Friday, all together after a while, and it was really nice. I missed them, to be honest. It felt good and normal to look at data and goof around and talk about projects for a change.

Middle Boy had his cast removed on Friday, as well. The hothead had gotten himself a boxer’s fracture (fracture in the metacarpal bones of the middle, ring, and pinky fingers) in his dominant hand as a result of punching the floor twice, hard, following some drama that involved doing math. Anyway, he couldn’t participate in the last basketball tournament of the season, had to wear a cast for three weeks, but now it’s all over and hopefully he will soon be back to using his hand 100%.

How was your weekend, blogosphere? 

To wrap up, here are a couple of links (courtesy of my Twitter timeline):