Day: April 5, 2020


I will be back with a solid post tomorrow the day after tomorrow.

I know no one cares here, but this weekend I’ve been busy sending out contest decisions, compiling the book and designing the cover, and posting all the entries on my fiction page. Oh, and I’d joined a writing group, and this Saturday was my first flash sprint wit them: based on a prompt, write a story up to 1000 words within an hour of the prompt dropping. My story was shorter than most (I have a habit of editing as I go, especially at the outset, until I fix the mood and voice, then it flows fast; in this type of sprint, you have to just vomit it all out and fix later), but it placed third anyway, and people seemed to like it.

Right now I’m making the final touches on the contest-related materials and cleaning that flash that came out the sprint for submission (silver lining: the story is of the style and length to submit to a market I’d long salivated over, but for which I’d never had anything that would fit).

Tomorrow The day after tomorrow, I will be back with regularly scheduled programming.

In the meantime, how’s it shaking, blogosphere?