Day: September 1, 2020

This and That

Starting in-person teaching tomorrow. With all the gear I’m supposed to wear, it will be wild.

Also, I need to carry a ton of supplies, to clean my station, provide masks and face shields for students, and also cleaning supplies for all of them. I love that my job is now a combo of masked prof and masked cleaning lady. Like I have two secret identities.

The amount of incomplete and contradictory information on how the face-to-face is to be done, despite mountains of email on the topic, is so ridiculous it’s fascinating.


My story got among top 10 (which means it got published) in one of my favorite flash-fiction competitions.

Have a ton of new fiction, thanks to biweekly writing sprints. It feels good.


Did a ton of work this summer and submitted three papers. I almost like them.


Have been maintaining an hour a day of exercise for several months now. Feeling good.

Assembled a rowing machine recently and was sore all over the next day, which emphasized the need for a rowing machine.


Kids are starting school next week, all online. We will see how it all shakes out.


Hearing about all the people who are no longer staying at home, but traveling just a little¬† here and just a little there makes me feel powerless and stupid. Are we the only ones who’ve not gone anywhere for vacation this summer? It feels like we are the only ones not in on same sort of cruel joke.

How’s it going, blogosphere?¬†