Day: December 19, 2021

Sunday Muddy Sunday

Hello, frozen academic blogosphere! How’s it shaking? It isn’t? You’re too frozen? That’s too bad. 

Over here, proposal-submission insanity meets end-of-semester insanity, so yours truly is valiantly battling against the desire to flip off the world and hide from everyone in order to binge-read fiction. Alas, there is no one else to wrap up the teaching, service, and submit all those %$^#%$# proposals, so I have to limit my fiction proclivities to stolen hours in the dead of night. *strikes dramatic pose, with back of hand pressed against forehead*

Tonight I finish grading homework, make the final exam for my class, and clear out the massive backlog in my editorial queue. Tomorrow I administer the final exam and work on a proposal the rest of the time.  On Tuesday, I hopefully submit said proposal (it’s close to done), then have a bunch of meetings, and maybe get a little break in the evening (yay reading!), then I’m back to grading and more proposal writing on Wednesday. 

It would be nice to have a real break over Christmas and New Year’s, but probably not. Too much to do. Always too much to do. *strikes dramatic pose again, now with exaggerated wailing sounds and added waterworks*

How’s it going with you, academic blogosphere readers? What have you been up to?