Day: November 23, 2022

Book Recommendations

Pyrope asked for book recommendations, and I am happy to oblige. 

I have Kindle Unlimited and also buy a vast majority of books online, but here are some recently enjoyed paperbacks. 

Collections of flash (stories of up to 1000 words) and short stories: 


Horror novellas: 


Collections of poems: 


I also read plenty of sci-fi. For example, anything by Becky Chambers is an automatic purchase for me. I recently enjoyed these sci-fi books on Kindle (I also borrow a lot through my library’s Overdrive):  

The Rush's Edge Stringers

As for fantasy, I don’t really like high/epic fantasy or sword and sorcery (the genres that most people associate with fantasy), but I do love dark fantasy, fabulism, and urban fantasy. I can never read enough about paranormal detectives. Seriously. I would take those stories intravenously.   

Finally, after over thirty years of actively avoiding to read even a lick of romance because of thinking it’s too lowbrow (I fully admit  to having been a misguided literary snob), this veritable middle-aged horndog (hornbitch?) has seen the light and has been devouring scorching-hot romance (mostly contemporary or mixed with other genres like suspense, paranormal, horror, etc.).  I do post some recommendations in the comments over at nicoleandmaggie’s, where both the hosts and the readership are amenable, and I am happy to do so here if there is interest. I don’t want to “bush ambush” unsuspecting readers who are here solely for academic topics, at least not without a good reason/explicit interest from readers. 

Blogosphere, what are you reading these days? What are your favorite genres? Let’s talk books!