Day: January 16, 2023

Blogger MIA and Question for Readers

Sorry I’ve been MIA; I’ve been trying to finish the edits on the novel. Yes. The draft is done. Edit round one is done. It’s still a trashfire, but it’s now a trashfire with a complete narrative arc and, if I do say so myself, nuggets of not-entirely-awful writing. The roller coaster of emotions spanning from “This book is the most despicable heap of garbage ever to be vomited on the electronic page” to “This book is so amazing, it will single-handedly spread good cheer across the globe and end poverty and violence forever” is not for the faint of heart. But the heap-of-garbage emotions are present 90% of the time, and that, as I hear, is par for the course.


I will be back in about a week with more tales of academic woe. We will have eye rollers (anyone sitting in a committee meeting), high rollers (faculty with more grant money than they can effectively manage), steam rollers (faculty and administrator bullies), weed rollers (students with access to narcotics), and holy rollers (devout followers of every new teaching fad).

Finally, does anyone have thoughts about a newsletter? There are a bunch of people subscribed to the blog, so they already receive notifications whenever I post, but would there be interest in a real newsletter, sent perhaps monthly or so?

OK, that’s it for the moment. And now, Twitter levity!