Some cool blogs (mostly academic topics)

academic infiltration

Academic Jungle

Clarissa’s Blog

Drug Monkey (Scientopia)

Drug Monkey (WordPress)

Female Science Professor

Ferule & Fescue

Grumpy Rumblings of the (Formerly!) Untenured


Mistress of the Animals

Not of General Interest

PhD-ing in Industry

Stressful Times for Psyc Girl

Tenure, She Wrote

The Prodigal Academic

Uncertain Principles

Unqualified Offerings

zinemin’s random thoughts

Kick-Ass Women, Misc Topics


Apple Pie and the Universe


Life and Love in the Petri Dish

My daydreams

Something Remarkable

the SHU box

Wandering Scientist

There is No Good Time

Not a Wasted Word

Borg collectives

Freethought Blogs

Occam’s Typewriter


The Orbit

Assorted Blogs from Collectives

Mano Singham


Brute Reason

Comics/cartoons/random funnies


Oatmeal Comics

Pat Achilles

PhD Comics

Please Listen to Me

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Sheldon Comics

Wilde Life

Zombie Roomie


  1. Thanks a lot for this great list! I came across at least 4 blogs that I now really enjoy and follow regularly (Academomia, GlumBunny, Prodigal Academic, Stressful Times for PsycGirl), all thanks to this list. 🙂

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