This Post Is Lame

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

On the upside, I have several cool ideas for posts. On the downside, I have no time to write them up, definitely not tonight. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5:15 to help get Eldest, who these days swims 4 hrs/day (!), out the door for the morning practice. So the awesome posts will have to wait. Potentially till the end of boys’ swim season.

I kid, I kid.

Today I employed an excellent way to make myself complete the review of 3 journal papers (two were revisions, one first submission) . I gave myself an ultimatum: it’s either that or writing up homework solutions for my undergrad class. I hate writing solutions so much, probably as much as grading, that doing these reviews seemed like child’s play, and I cheerfully and efficiently completed them. Then I went on to the journal where I am associate editor, and promptly handled the two pending manuscripts: made three referrals on one and a desk rejection on another. Nothing induces productivity like the prospect of having to do something you hate instead.

I leave you with some yummy. Below is the fabled beef-butternut squash-red peppers stir-fry that I was shopping for the ingredients to make when the scam of overpriced organic peppers was revealed. The peppers used in this stir-fry cost a sensible $2.99/lb. With some sticky rice, the dinner was delicious, and the leftovers will be enjoyed by the cook for lunch tomorrow.




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