Sausage Links Sans Sausage

* Go check out yesterday’s cartoon. Go, I’ll wait.

By the way, all (or most) of the cartoons doodled by your hostess can be found under category Cartoons, also tag Comics. I am still not clear whether they are cartoons, comics, or just SAHDS (Stupid Attempts at Humor by a Doodling Scientist ). Of course, they totally are SAHDS (not the stay-at-home-dad kind), it’s just not clear whether or not I should create a category with that name. Hmmm…

On  a related note, I have been thinking about teaching and what role it plays at major research universities. More specifically, the role that the most active (read busy, globe-trotting, fundraising) academic researchers play (or fail to play) in the education of the undergraduate populace… But these thought will have to wait for some other evening.

* I am a real grammar-and-punctuation nerd, in all the languages I am familiar with; probably even more so in the languages other than my native one, because there I don’t have a native speaker’s intuition, so rules and structure give me confidence. I find that grammar has inherent beauty, like math.

Here are some of my favorites in US-English punctuation:




Quotation marks

* A world record in parallel parking plus Mano Singham’s fool-proof directions on how to do it perfectly every time.

* I have started reading Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist. I have read five pages and I already love her. She sounds warm and real.

* A not-so-old, but good post of mine, Honorary Dudeness. Probably one of the better ones I wrote in the soon to be a year in this space. Ride It Like You Stole It is up there, too. Heck, just go read up all the posts under tag Women in STEM.

* Man, I suck at this link business; it’s all self-referential, you’d think it would boost my h-index or something.
But I know who is great at providing links: Nicoleandmaggie and Cloud of Wandering Scientist. Enjoy!

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