Grading, with Squash

The long Thanksgiving weekend has been filled with mom stuff. Fun, chores; laughter, whining.

My valiant plans to do work (grade midterm! edit student papers! review manuscripts!) did not materialize. When will I finally give up these silly ideas and stop planning to do work during weekends or holidays? When it becomes possible to go home without feeling the death grip of guilt over all the work that looms unfinished. Or never. Whichever comes first.

I have to grade tonight. Here’s a picture of squash. Just look at the carnival squash beauty on the left; I saw it in the produce aisle and absolutely had to have it. By next weekend, two thirds of this still life will be obliterated.



  1. I get a lot of work done in Thanksgiving, as I am single and my family lives abroad 😉 However, when I travel to my home country for Christmas, I get nothing done! no matter what I try! Last year my plan was to wake up at 6am, to work a couple of hours before my family got up. Guess what…I was up so late every single night hanging out with family & friends that there was no way I could even think about getting up early…I am still thinking which will be my approach this year…

  2. I get a hard time from my spouse for trying to sneak in some work in the evenings and weekends. I feel guilty no matter what I end up doing 😦

  3. Some days I’m amazed that anyone is still teaching in our universities. I’m tenured, and I average 60+ hours/week working. We will not discuss what that comes out to an hour. I’m pretty sure I’d make more at Starbucks, and I’d have fewer hours, and time to write. Come to think of it, I have no idea why I’m not searching for barista jobs right now. hm.

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