Notes from the Road 6

Oh, yes. I am overseas again.

This time in a lovely nordic country. Riding on a train earlier today, I noticed how much the landscape looks like the American midwest. But I had forgotten how much cobblestone is still beloved in many parts of the Old Continent.

On my return overseas trip a couple of weeks ago, I was upgraded to business class (yay!) but there was a couple across the aisle from me, and the woman (nearest me) was sneezing, blowing her nose, and coughing her lungs out for 10 hours straight. Of course, I got sick when I got back home, and was out for a week with jetlag and a bad cold.

This time, I sat next to a German gentleman, who had the misfortune of his touch-screen not working and the stewardess constantly overlooking him for refreshments! Poor guy.

But I am not looking forward to all the jetlag, again.

After I come back, I have two more trips and then I get to stay put for a while and write proposals.

But, for now, “The End of All Things“!

And curse you, Europe, and you eschewance of  air-conditioning.

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