This and That

Days  like today, when I have both a power lecture and a discussion section, leave me completely drained. Nearly 3 hours of talking and walking and prancing around with markers, writing on the board. I draw and derive everything on the spot, which helps with the pace of my delivery and with students taking notes, but it takes considerable focus. And I also had office hours.  That’s a lot of exhausting face time… Ugh.

A colleague used the word decrepit in a conversation today. It’s a great word!

It was nice to be reminded today that there are genuinely nice and caring people around, in my department. They just seem to be keeping a low profile, like me.

Middle Boy (age <9) made a really good pun yesterday (sadly, I can’t remember it). Ever the proud mom, I commended him with, “Well done, young pun-dawan*!”  Much giggling by the whole family ensued.

I dare not say that I might be getting close to caught up at work. Maybe. Almost. There is a very faint flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.


* padawan is a Jedi apprentice




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