Academaze: Calling Advance Readers

Okay… I know the following is no one’s first choice for a blog topic, but we gotta do this. It won’t hurt too much, I promise!

The tentative release date for “Academaze” is a little over a month away. Melanie has demonstrated superhuman patience in working with me (thanks, Melanie!) and the collection is coming along nicely.

This is where I need your help.

If you would like to be an advance reader, please let me know. That means you get to read the book for free (most likely an e-book) in return for an honest review on your own blog and/or Amazon/Goodreads etc. If you already signed up on the Annorlunda page, thank you!  If not, please either leave a comment here with your contact info or email me at xykademiqz at gmail.

These early reviews are really important and helpful for the book to take off. Having early reviews shortly after the book appears will do wonders for making the book visible.

So if you like the blog, this will really help bring the writing and the doodles to a broader audience!

Many thanks… in advance! (As Darcy of Wilde Life says, “Pun always intended.”)


  1. I’d be happy to read if you don’t have enough people already (catching up on blog reading after a couple weeks…)

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