Many academics have a primary affiliation (“tenure home”) and courtesy (“zero time”) appointments in other departments or interdisciplinary centers. For instance, I have a  primary and two courtesy appointments. There are also academics with split appointments, where two or more departments pay parts of the salary and require teaching and service from the faculty member.

If you have appointments with multiple departments  what do you list as your affiliation on papers?




  1. Seems like every time I publish with somebody senior, they hog like 3 or 4 different affiliation lines and insist on listing three sentences worth of grants, even if all they did was supervise a student who made a modest contribution.

    So I vowed to write my two depts in one affiliation line and only list 1-2 relevant grants in acknowledgement sections for my papers., we’ll see how well I do, though, could be a case where I look back years later and find out I became that senior guy

  2. I have a true multiple affiliation in the sense that there’s a contract between all institutions involved. I have salary from one, but other stuff from others (eg office space, possibility to apply for internal funding, access to resources). The contract also says how exactly I should list my affiliations, so I don’t have a choice.

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