Well, I spoke with the program manager who was in charge of my recently declined proposal. He said the proposal was actually ranked near the top and he tried hard to find some money to fund it, hence such a long delay in receiving the decision… But he was ultimately unable to fund it and strongly encouraged me to apply again next year. I guess I feel somewhat vindicated. It was a really good proposal.

And ’tis the season to write white papers to various DoD agencies. No rest for the wicked. Or academics in STEM fields.


I am currently watching dramas involving middle-aged people.

a) A cute indie movie I stumbled upon on Amazon Prime: What Other Couples Do

It’s got indie/low-budget/perhaps some amateur actors written all over it, but it was heartwarming and had decent writing. At 87 min runtime, well worth it.

b) While We’re Young  (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, Amanda Sayfried). Arthritis in the knees is all I will say.

c) Watching next: Patterson (Adam Driver)

d) Some levity: How to get people to look you in the eyes


Here’s a real text I sent to DH to let him know that he needed to grab something to eat on his way home. (E stands for eldest kid. He recently got a part-time job, which he really enjoys.)

E is at work
Little boys ate
Please go buy something
To put on your plate

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