Things that feel like they happened ages ago, but were actually relatively recent: 

  • Last time my mom visited (last summer, feels like an eon ago)
  • One particular paper of mine that came out in 2014, yet seems like it’s been out for a decade. Even in 2015, it already felt like it had been out for a long, long time.
  • A conference in the UK (was three weeks ago, it feels like last year)

Things that feel like they happened recently, but actually did ages ago: 

  • Students  graduating. Most seem to remain present, at least in my mind, for quite a while past their graduation date. I only realize that a student has been out in the world for a long time when I ask, “Who remembers X?” in a group meeting and it turns out that not a single current group member has actually overlapped with X.
  • Two papers of mine that I feel were just published yesterday, but they actually came out in 2015.
  • The latest renewal of my big bread-and-butter grant. In fact, I need to write the next renewal proposal early in the next calendar year.
  • I’ve been out of grad school for 13 years — I feel like I only just graduated. I still feel like a total science noob. When I look at my CV, it feels like it belongs to someone else.

Things that feel like they take foreeeeevah, but actually don’t: 

  • Sorting socks (most hated chore ever)
  • Emptying the dishwasher (second most hated chore ever, but one that is undertaken daily… So maybe it is the most hated chore ever)
  • The first 15 min of my 45-min kickboxing class. The rest flies by.
  • Every faculty meeting ever

Things that feel like they last a split second, but actually take a while: 

  • Enjoyment of coffee, every day. My liquid soul mate
  • Kids growing up. Eldest is a rising senior in high school; Middle Boy is entering 5th grade; Smurf will be a 1st-grader in the fall.
    When did all this happen? How? WTF? No! Waaaaah!


  1. Yesssss to the coffee! 15 minutes of pure heaven, every day. Feels like 30 seconds though.

  2. I used to sort socks (color, pattern, fabric).

    I have all the socks that are black now. No need to sort no sock no more…hehehee 😀

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