Notes from the Road

I spent 6 nights in First City, First Hotel Chain, in room 1133.

I just arrived in Second City, Second Hotel Chain, and was given a key to room number … 1133.

Uncanny, right?

DH jokes that I should place a bet on something at 11:33. 🙂


Today’s drive wasn’t very long, only about 4 hours, and was quite enjoyable.

When I drive, I listen to the local radio. I listen to a station I like until I get out of range, then find the next one that’s not staticky. No matter where you are, you can always find a classic-rock station, an adult-hits station (extra gooey and fairly dated pop), and a top-40 station. You can usually find a country-music station, a religious-talk-show station, a classical-music station, and a Spanish-language station. (This paragraph might have exhausted my allotment of hyphens for the month of July.)

I always prefer radio to my own music — I like to be surprised.


There’s a gym on my floor, with lots  of treadmills, and free fruit and water. Yes! And yum!


Second City is surprisingly beautiful, in a tough, gritty kind of way. I love the skyline — the hills, the skyscrapers.


  1. you must not be driving through some regions of the country where you have two options of country and religious. Once I’m ~40 miles from my HQ, those are the options I get. But I agree with radio > my own music. I like the surprises too! Also when I hook up my own music I have trouble just letting it play and only listen to ~half a song before growing impatient and changing it

  2. I just drove through the south and parts of Appalachia, and there were hours of nothing but religion and country.

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