Last Chance — Submit a 300-Word Story Today

Last day today to submit your 300-word story. Stories will appear starting Monday, Oct 2, and the readers will vote on them — chance to get small prizes!



Here are the rules:

Please submit a short story under 300 words.

1. The submission should include:

a) your pen name (could be your real name, or not)

b) real name (optional)

c) email (required; will not be disclosed; you will receive a confirmation within a day that I got your story)

d) a website or a Twitter handle (if you want me to link to it)

e) a brief biosketch (no more than 30 words)

f) title of your story

g) body of your short story (no longer than 300 words; the word count does NOT include the title)

2. 300 words max.  If you are a bit over, I may just edit it down to 300 myself. If you are a lot over, I will return it to you.

3. The story should be fiction, any genre. It can be inspired by reality, but has to be fictionalized.

4. Topic can be anything you like. If you need a prompt, how about “academia is / drives me nuts.”

5. You can submit multiple stories, but not more than 3 per real name and/or pen name and/or email. You will get an email confirmation within a day of submission.

6. All stories will be published October 2nd and onward, so your prose will see the light of day on Xykademiqz blog.
Depending on how many stories I get, I will post one or more per day starting October 2. They will all show up.

7. Readers will vote for their favorites. Once all the stories have been posted and voted on, the top three will get small prizes, think Amazon gift cards; if a winner lives outside of where these gift cards can be redeemed, we’ll think of something else.


Please submit your stories! This is meant to be a fun exercise to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.



  1. I really wanted to do this, but this is THE WORST time of the semester for me and I wasn’t able to pull anything together. Hope you’ll do this again sometime!

  2. Arggggh, but I have a book review due tomorrow, two classes to prep for, and a brain that doesn’t multitask well. I’ve never tried flash fiction before, but *thinking* about your contest has inspired me!

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