Saturday Slump: Sounds and Stories

To break the seriousness of the advising posts, here is some fun.

Did you always want to know what sounds punches and kicks make? Well, maybe not, but I do now for a story I am working on, so the linked Onomatopoeia Dictionary comes in handy.


Some stories that I’ve read in the last few weeks and that I either liked or had other strong feelings about:

I Won at NaSuHeMo! (one of the writers who inspire with both the quality and volume of their speculative fiction)

Oshun, Inc.  (just beautiful; it made me very happy)

Taiya (on ghosts, isolation, and depression)

Midnight Plus Thirty (I wish I could write like this)

Burp (or like this; I love Jersey Devil Press)

The Husband Stitch (won’t make you happy, but will blow your mind; also, a nice accompanying article)

The Mouse Petition (a lovely story in Wigleaf, a top literary flash zine)

Two Micros (the first one is a nice thought, but seriously, one sentence?)

It Falls

Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild

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