Thursday Tidbits

  • Yes, I am guilty: I love alliteration, in moderation. (Also, rhymes, especially when they’re accidental.) That’s because deep inside the body of this middle-aged woman hides a 10-year-old boy who loves stupid puns, profanity, potty humor, and alliteration—I love them all.
  • We hear all sorts of arguments for diversity. To me, one of the best comes from running a diverse (in terms of gender and country of origin) research group. It’s amazing to see how students become friends, with whom they gel and who gets them. Few things underscore our shared humanity better than finding a kindred spirit who grew up half the way across the world, yet has the same sense of humor, temperament, and outlook on what matters in life as you.
  • Things I need to do and will do, but really don’t want to do because I would much rather waste time online: proofread dissertations of two graduating students; write letters of recommendation for two graduating students; grade a bazillion HW assignments that I neglected because I hadn’t felt like doing them for a long time; prepare a test to give tomorrow; decide what to do on 3-5 meh stories that I’ve been sitting on for a while as editor…

One comment

  1. Agree, agree, agree with the diversity point.

    I’m on the job market currently and one university I really liked had one point of concern on diversity for me. >50% grad students are from China and most of the rest are Americans from the Midwest… They’ve put a lot of effort into recruiting Chinese students (annual trips by members of the department), but it’s something I’m a little concerned about.

    My research experiences have been with students from all over the world and I’d like to see the department not focus on a singular location. People need to remember diversity doesn’t just mean male/female, international/national. It’s more subtle than that.

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