The Mopey Show

DH and I watch  the NBC show “This is Us.” We watch it, but we can’t say we are fans — between us, we refer to it as “The Mopey Show.”

Every. Single. Line is freakin’ pregnant with meaning. The characters emote and relate to one another by uttering profound, life-shattering insights. Exclusively.

Yet, we watch.

So my day was made when I saw this hilarious McSweeney’s piece on the topic of the show. There were real tears in my eyes, and not the mopey kind.





  1. My SO got us into watching This Is Us, and I could only refer to it as emotional porn. I love most of the characters, but what they have to go through, and the ways they handle (or mishandle) the cards they are dealt is heartbreaking. And it’s not really just drama for the sake of drama; very well done. The only thing I can’t really get over is Mandy Moore’s character: they tried to make her look older, but I hope I look that great when I’m her age in the show!

  2. You couldn’t pay me to watch this drivel. The ads made it very clear what it was.

  3. People keep telling me I *need* to watch it – but it looks so overwrought to me that I’m not even willing to give it a chance.

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