Yep, that’s me! As old as the hills.

I will celebrate by…

…having a party for Smurf, whose 7th birthday is on Monday. The morning involved getting coffee, getting cupcakes with blue frosting and superhero plastic rings, and telling Smurf every 2.3 minutes how much time is left until his party (which is at 1 pm).

I treated myself to…

…Lose It app premium ($3.33/mo).

I received congrats from…

…parents, plus a friend whom I’ve known since elementary school and who never misses my birthday. He kindly congratulated me on turning 28.

Two days ago I found out a colleague who’s about my age has  leukemia. That puts things into perspective, for a few days at least.

It’s sunny outside, I’m caffeinated, everyone is alive and kicking, and now I’m divisible by both 5 and 9. Not too shabby.


  1. Happy birthday, xyk! I rather like numbers divisible by 15 too. Something to look forward to in about a decade. 🙂

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