Book Recommendations

philipa asked for some book recommendations, so here are a few!

Science fiction magazines: I love Interzone and have received sample packs of Analog and Asimov’s. In case it’s not obvious, I am partial to science fiction over (many, perhaps most subgenres of) fantasy.


Short story collections: Other Household Toxins (literary flash fiction by one of the masters of the form, Chris Allen) and Tales from the Realm (a dark fiction “Best of” collection from Aphotic Realm):


Nonfiction (on Clarissa‘s recommendation):


And, finally, plenty of sci-fi and dark/weird fiction that I have yet to read, but am optimistic. I hadn’t read Octavia Butler’s classic Kindred before, which is a shame, but there you have it. Claire North is one of my favorite writers (her book The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is among my all-time faves) and I’m looking forward to what she’s got in store this time with 84K. Passing for Human is hilarious as cutting satire. Stay Crazy won a top British award. All Systems Red is part 1 of a series. The Unyielding is a body horror novella that drew me in based on its premise.


Finally, I am forbidden (by me) from buying new books until I’ve read the books above. The exceptions are the new books by Becky Chambers and John Scalzi, both of whom I love. So these have been preordered:


Happy reading! And please leave us your own recommendations in the comments.


  1. Stories of your life by Ted Chiang has a bunch of awesome novellas, among them the story that the movie “arrival” was based on. The movie botched the ending so I strongly recommend reading the story first.

  2. I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller. It was a beautiful feminist retelling of the epic life of the Greek goddess. I loved it!

  3. Hi dandisnow, here are some of my all-time speculative faves (all beautifully written and character driven, mostly sci-fi):

    Claire North:
    The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

    Becky Chambers:
    The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
    A Closed and Common Orbit
    (both excellent, parts 1 and 2 of a series; part 3, Record of a Spaceborn Few, is coming out this summer)

    Nnedi Okorafor (she’s all-around awesome):
    The Binti Trilogy
    The Book of Phoenix

    Ann Leckie:
    Ancillary Justice (first and best in a trilogy; the other two are Ancillary Sword and Ancillary Mercy)

    You can also check out John Scalzi (the Old Man’s War series, the Lock In/Head On near-future series, and the new Collapsing Empire series). His standalone novel Redshirts won a Hugo and was the first from him I read and I loved it.

    I also like almost everything from Charlie Stross (Neptune’s Brood comes to mind).

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