Objects of Beauty

(Remember this movie? No? No surprise; I’m ancient.)

I walked by my “first love house” today. We had given an offer on it in the first year here, but it had been declined. It is for the best. The house isn’t all that pretty and it’s on a busy-ish street, but it was the first house I’d fallen in love with. Its layout (two-story/tri-level) had been what I’d always wanted but never knew that I had.

The following year, we had been able to put a larger downpayment, get a better interest rate, and I’d found a house with the same layout and all the other stuff that I’d loved in the first one but none of the downsides (e.g., shaggy dark green carpet). The offer had been accepted and the rest is history. We’ve been in this house for 12 years (almost 13) and I love it. We use all of the space (3,400 sqft).  I often dream how we’ve sold this house and bought a new one and I spend the whole dream lamenting that decision, trying to make it work with the new house, not understanding why we’d have ever given the house up.

But my love for our house wouldn’t have been possible without the one that got away, so today I took a few seconds to appreciate it. It’s in the same general neighborhood and has changed owners at least twice in the years we’ve lived in ours. I hope whoever is in it now loves it. Houses need to be loved.


People say that, if you really want to do something, you can’t wait for accumulate the perfect gear in order to get going. I used to believe that, too, but now I beg to differ. After years of very mixed success with bringing lunch to work, I bought a lunch box and it changed everything. I love it; I never forget it, and its very existence is a gentle and welcome reminder that I need to pack lunch. Honestly, since I bought it, and it’s been months now, I’ve become so much better about taking care of myself at work, about bringing good food and good beverages along. The lunch box made everything better. Btw, it’s this one. You will recognize the black and purple color palette, the same as on the blog. Because nothing — nothing — is cooler than black and purple (said every sci-fi movie set designer).


Dear readers, are there any inanimate objects you love? 


  1. My beautiful glass teapot is an inanimate object I absolutely love and couldn’t live without. It’s just become such a symbol of comfort to me over the years. No matter what problem I may encounter, I know I’ll feel better once I’ve had a cup of tea (or three).

  2. I recently got a new backpack for work that a) looks somewhat professional and b) holds my laptop *and* a full set of gym clothes. It’s made a ton of difference – in the morning I’m no longer thinking about whether to pack a gym bag and do I really want to deal with two bags that day anyway. Frequency of working out as well as walking to various shuttle buses has increased noticeably because the hassle factor is so much less!

  3. I second the teapot. I have an old English one, beautiful and delicate. I love using it when working at home during the evening. It is not culturally the norm as I am Spanish (more coffee prone).
    I love a notebook I have where I paste wisdom cites I cut out of a calendar my mother gives me every year.
    I adore my parents library, it is huge and I miss it!!
    The combo reading a book+having a tea from my teapot is absolute heaven.

  4. I love our house too. It has it’s annoying quirks for sure and I didn’t love it on paper, but I loved it from the moment our realtor drove us past it one evening. I also loved my bicycles when I rode them daily to work (sadly, I drive these days). I trusted life and limb to them in London and LA and they never let me down. I thought of each one as a trusty steed and was heartbroken when one was stolen.

  5. I love my electric bike.

    I love my very expensive blender. It is responsible for most of my vegetable intake and is the only way my husband and I prepare meals many nights. It’s also usually at least one weekend lunch. I don’t know any other way of consuming half a bag of spinach quickly when I am bone tired. I felt ridiculous buying it without having an established smoothie habit, but it made the habit possible. Same with the ebike.

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