La La Links

This post brought to you exclusively by my Twitter bookmarks. First a few serious, then a few frivolous!

If you have time for just a few links, I recommend the National Geographic article on the lessons from the 1918 pandemic (because graphs), “A Kind of Love Story” poem, and at least one of the two videos featuring a happy, bearded  pianist.


OK, was that enough serious business? I think so. Here’s some beauty and levity.

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  1. That first thread seems like terrible advice, at least for the part about using other people’s lectures. I absolutely cannot stand curating other people’s content. Because it’s usually crap and/or it doesn’t match my learning goals.

    So, no thanks. I’d rather spend 30 minutes making my own less than perfect 15 minute lecture for which I already have assessment content made than wading through hours of other people’s absolute crap to find 1 or 2 decent videos for which I’ll probably have to produce or find entirely new exam/homework questions and therefore more hours of work on top of it.

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