Blogging Sprint

OK, timer’s on: 15 min to draft, and whatever comes out, comes out.

  • Absurdist literary fiction piece published. It’s oh so delicious and weird. It fell out of my head almost fully formed and it’s perfect. Sometimes they do that.
  • I have another story with a really cool narrative structure that has been getting lots of compliments and shortlists, but no acceptance yet. I feel really bad for the poor, misunderstood story.
  • I have several manuscripts that I have to handle as associate editor. I do not feel like doing it.
  • I have several manuscripts that I have to review as a referee. I do not feel like doing it.
  • I have two award nominations to assemble and submit by Friday. I like the people this is for, and while I do not feel like doing it, it’s  not too bad.
  • I have a paper to revise and resubmit. Ugh.
  • I have a draft of a first paper (in my group) by my postdoc to review. Ugh.
  • Putting it all out there makes it seem daunting. It’s not too much work when I’m motivated and without distractions. Otherwise, ugh.
  • I’ve been shopping on Tuesdays, early morning. Last Tuesday, right after opening,  the store was pretty crowded. I should probably switch the shopping day.
  • Since Starbucks is closed, Nescafe Taster’s Choice instant coffee has been my go-to. I love it. I love it much better than filter coffee from any home coffee machine; all the plastic ruins the taste for me. The instant coffee has been a major contributor to my quarantine happiness. I love you, Nescafe!
  • Kids kinda started school this past week, but barely. I guess it’s back for real on Monday. I am dreading having to harangue Middle Boy about his work.
  • Kim’s Convenience on Netflix is hilarious and heartwarming. Just finished Season 4. Love, love, love the Kims!
  • DH and I watch Ozark. It will fill that Breaking Bad void in your soul, only instead of the scorching yellows and oranges of New Mexico, the whole show is tinted blue and deep green and is soooo scary and delicious. (I feel like I’ve written about it? No time to go back and look. And anyway: Repetitio mater studiorum est.)
  • Fizzy water. ❤

How’s your weekend been, blogosphere? 


  1. Well, I’ve recently discovered the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis and “Stories from Norway: the musical” and my life is much better. Maybe start with this excerpt from their show about when Justin Bieber cancels his show in Oslo

  2. OK, I guess that email address is a no-go. Do shoot me an email to xykademiqz at gmail and I will be happy so send you a few links.

  3. Well, I think I am finally getting tired- and it’s 20 years of working my ass off in academia tired coming out. So there’s that. I am honestly hoping this whole situation will last a couple of weeks more because I am losing control over my agenda. How can I possibly feel more busy and less productive than normal?

    I am starting to like regular working hours, like being home (I mean stopping work) at 6 pm. Why haven’t I done that in the last 20 years? I do spend those extra hours on Twitter and Netflix, so there is a bit to gain there, but that too might come in time? (I don’t consider Netflix time wasted by the way).

    I am starting to realize that I could totally get used to this new way of life because it suits me. I am afraid to say it out loud, especially since I was in a meeting with all male professors today who were super eager to get back to business and also managed to make the video meeting last longer than a real one ever did. Not the first time this has happened. Don’t these people know how to keep themselves busy?

    Then I was in a meeting where I had to prepare something and I didn’t and totally bluffed my way through. I don’t think anyone noticed?

  4. Yeah, so much of what we do is self-inflicted. Needless or needlessly long meeting fill me with murderous rage. Having been on Twitter during the pandemic also made me realize a lot of people have very little internal life and have to have every second of their lives scheduled with external activities and people, OMG such a need for people and movement! As if the thought of sitting at home with their thoughts or a book or just not being scheduled to the gills shatters their worldview. We should all just chill, FFS.

    I do not miss the craziness. All the afterschool activities, weekend activities, keeping on top of what everyone’s doing, feeding everyone, plus work, so many stupid committees and meetings. People and people’s interactions and issues are the worst. During this quarantine, I’ve been the calmest and most relaxed and happiest that I’ve been in a long time. And I’ve been getting shit done that I’d sat on for months. Suddenly, there is time and energy and will for everything. I wish I could stay in this state, tbh.

  5. I am curious. How does tasters choice (not available where I live) compare to nescafé gold classic?

  6. Young Padawan: No idea. I hadn’t had Nescafe in probably 20 years? Then at the grocery store I grabbed Tasters’ Choice when quarantine $hit got real, so that’s what I drink now. For all I know they might be the same.

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