Linking No Blinking

More links today, as I catch up on stuff.


  1. Well, it doesn’t really shock me that academic production by females is down right now given the home schooling situation. I feel like my own production took a bit of a short term hit, mostly due to being freaked out for a month rather than because of childcare or homeschooling responsibilities. I just hope that when this all settles out, people don’t assume I am or will be less productive because of “the childrens” or that I’d prefer to dial down my academic goals just because of all those additional woman responsibilities. That’s been a recurring theme that I’ve already encountered many many times throughout my career, and now yay. It’s most likely only going to get worse.

  2. I’m glad that folks (especially with evidence) are publishing about reduced productivity for women in academia. Patriarchy is alive and well during the pandemic, and better to shine a light on it than (continue to) pretend it doesn’t exist.

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