Happy Pi Day!

Long time, no see, blogosphere! I am insanely busy, with no bandwidth for much other than SYENZ. So, for now, please take assorted nuggets of levity as a token of my appreciation.



  1. OK, dude here, and I gotta ask women to do the emotional labor of explaining something to me:

    What’s up with the murder show fascination?

  2. LOL I don’t know, but I love murder shows, too. Women are also prolific writers of horror, especially Gothic horror (*raises hand as member of HWA*). I think women in general have a lot more to fear in the society, and fictional engagements with own anger and vulnerability and powerlessness offer a compelling way to process the fear and stare the monsters in the face from the standpoint of relative safety. (Note that the vast majority of victims in murder shows are women.)

    See, for example, this thread: https://twitter.com/RomGothSam/status/1371099390421651457?s=20

  3. I really love these, gonna share second breakfast with my lab mates tomorrow

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