I’ve always thought that the amount of work would plateau at some point. That the busyness would no longer increase. But nearly 20 years into being a faculty member, it doesn’t seem to be true. 

This is a semester in which I have a new and very challenging course that takes a lot of energy; several committee assignments that take more time than they would have to but there isn’t much I can do about them; too many grant proposals on which I am working simultaneously; several new collaborations; work with my graduate students and papers that need to go out; editorial duties at two journals, one of which is keeping me very, very busy. I know, these are all normal, but there’s more of each of them than before, or maybe I am more tired than before, or perhaps both, so it all feels just a little bit overwhelming. 

The fuckin’ service is the worst. So much work that totally wouldn’t have to be done. It’s entirely self-inflicted. More precisely, college-or-department-inflicted. Ugh. 

I feel like I might have written all of this every October for the past 10+ years. I also might be writing the same thing in April. 

How’s the spooky month treating you, academic blogosphere? 


  1. HA.

    What your employer is going for is the feeling of drowning. If you do not feel that way, they aren’t getting enough out of you.

    I am coming to terms with this myself. But also, in learning how to be more efficient at my new institution, I am realizing I can keep ever more balls in the air… so. I wonder if there is a limit?

  2. Spending too much time on teaching. SO much time on teaching–and am now getting tapped for more service. I hope you can get some rest!

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