Book Recommendations

Pyrope asked for book recommendations, and I am happy to oblige. 

I have Kindle Unlimited and also buy a vast majority of books online, but here are some recently enjoyed paperbacks. 

Collections of flash (stories of up to 1000 words) and short stories: 


Horror novellas: 


Collections of poems: 


I also read plenty of sci-fi. For example, anything by Becky Chambers is an automatic purchase for me. I recently enjoyed these sci-fi books on Kindle (I also borrow a lot through my library’s Overdrive):  

The Rush's Edge Stringers

As for fantasy, I don’t really like high/epic fantasy or sword and sorcery (the genres that most people associate with fantasy), but I do love dark fantasy, fabulism, and urban fantasy. I can never read enough about paranormal detectives. Seriously. I would take those stories intravenously.   

Finally, after over thirty years of actively avoiding to read even a lick of romance because of thinking it’s too lowbrow (I fully admit  to having been a misguided literary snob), this veritable middle-aged horndog (hornbitch?) has seen the light and has been devouring scorching-hot romance (mostly contemporary or mixed with other genres like suspense, paranormal, horror, etc.).  I do post some recommendations in the comments over at nicoleandmaggie’s, where both the hosts and the readership are amenable, and I am happy to do so here if there is interest. I don’t want to “bush ambush” unsuspecting readers who are here solely for academic topics, at least not without a good reason/explicit interest from readers. 

Blogosphere, what are you reading these days? What are your favorite genres? Let’s talk books!


  1. Becky Chambers… swoon! I swear, she channels what I’ve been missing since ST:TNG went off the air: a hopeful vision of the future, musings about ethics and the meaning of life, tea… I want to live in her writing.

    Funny coincidence: I went to college with Max Gladstone! We sang together and were friendly (enough that I sang in his wedding). Wonderful guy… it’s been great fun to follow his writing career!

  2. Okay so now I want some paranormal detective recommendations! I am trying to think of things in that genre and the best I can come up with are the Patricia Briggs series, which are more like paranormal mysteries and maybe the Dresden files, which probably qualify. I’ve enjoyed both of those. What else comes to mind?

  3. pyrope, if you don’t mind some smuttiness in your paranormal detective books, I would recommend Darynda Jones’s Charley Davidson series (the first seven books anyway) and Isabel Jordan’s Harper Hall Investigations series.

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