Shockingly, I am in DC. Again.

[For my non-professorial readers, NSF (National Science Foundation) provides funding for basic science research across all disciplines. NSF panels meet to evaluate grant proposals. A lot of work is involved in reviewing other people’s proposals and serving on panels. A lot.]

This post was brought to you by the crappy overpriced hotel wireless. The cartoon was drawn on a clear back page of someone’s proposal printout.


  1. Your cartoon was making me think about ways that NSF panels could be more like marriage proposals. I think a hot air balloon ride would definitely improve a panel…except that in DC the air force might shoot you into the Potomac.

  2. love your cartoon! happy reviewing… my favorite part was the end when we sat around a big table and composed the panel summaries. It kind of sucked on one level, but required so much creativity that it was rather rewarding. Or I was just delirious by then.

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