Embrace the Leapfrog

Another day, another NSF grant rejection.

Scores were E, V, V, V (E=excellent, V=very good). I haven’t seen the report yet, they probably won’t show up till next week.

The scores are only a little better than last year, although I thought the proposal itself was MUCH better than last year.

(Update: Did get the reviews, really very positive. Still no dice.)

Oh, well. Off to lick wounds and edit a student’s paper.

To that end, some levity.


(Middle Boy says he came up with these on his own, but he might be fibbing.)

Joke 1: Germanium, nickel, uranium, and sulfur worked together on a science project. It was GeNiUS!

Joke 2: I was going to work on my science homework, but then I thought, “NaH…”

(He drew a box around each symbol, like in the periodic table, with Na saying sodium and H saying hydrogen).

By the way, Middle Boy is 9. The Nerd Force is strong with the young one!


$hit my students recently wrote in drafts of technical manuscripts:

Point 1 is no secret

One of the first orders of business  was to determine…

This is surely the handiwork of [a physical phenomenon, i.e., something decidedly without hands or the ability to come up with evil plots]

It is possible to judge… using the squint test, squinting at thousands of plots is tiring on the eyes…

and my favorite

[B]y embracing the leapfrog nature [of an explicit algorithm for solving partial differential equations]…

Clearly, this (rough, pen only) drawing had to happen:


Embrace the (giant) leapfrog!





This one was inspired by real-life events. Earlier this evening, DH and I finally converged at home, me after a post-daycare-pickup trip to the grocery store with the younger two, him after having brought back Eldest from an activity. We passed each other in the garage; he was carrying trash bags out, I was carrying the groceries in, and we shared a brief smooch. It occurred to me that this encounter encapsulated marriage perfectly.

The drawing is very rough, blue pen on a jagged 6×9 cutout (one of the font-combination test pages for my book is on the other side). I placed the drawing on a dining room chair and scanned; the wood grain works beautifully as the rim decoration.

I think it’s lovely and just the perfect amount of messy.