Brief and Random

Thanksgiving is a slow time in the blogosphere.

I have been fighting a headache all day, so I have very little to give here. But, a promise to blog daily in November still stands, so…

Why is it so hard to get a teenager to go to bed, even though he knows intellectually that he’ll be a zombie if he doesn’t get enough sleep and he needs to get up early to go to practice?

I saw the movie “Predestination“.  It was quite good, even if not exactly subtle near the end. They kept dropping hints to the same final twist like 7 times. Alright — we get it! Geez.

Finally, how busy people are versus how busy they think they are. I remember thinking I was super busy in high school, then college, then grad school. Those were all fun and games. My life now would kick the winds out of my younger self.



  1. Hello anonymous blogger who is always spot on,
    I love your blogging and I hope you keep it up. Going to work in December will be more sad since I can now start my day with a read of your blog!

  2. Ha! I may consider putting this graph onto my office wall for grad students to see that the workload they complain about is actually a fraction of what waits ahead.

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