Cuteness and Blog Delurking Week

Starting 2016 with a bit of levity.

I got the best pizza cutter ever! From ThinkGeek


To boldly go where no one has gone before! Enterprise Pizza Cutter

I saw the new Star Wars movie, twice actually — once for real, once with children climbing all over me. I really enjoyed it. Which brings us to Costco’s new nicknames for Han Solo and Chewbacca!


I sometimes draw on my children, at their request. Smurf wanted a flying bird and chicks in a nest. (How chubby and adorable are those hands?)


Speaking of chubby and adorable, a gif from a couple of years ago:


Finally,  following Mel from Stirrup Queens, it’s International Blog Delurking Week!

Please leave a comment to say hi and tell us a little bit about yourself…
If you are shy or don’t know what to write about, tell us how you like your eggs. 



  1. Hello GMP,
    I am an assistant prof in the physical sciences. I have been reading and enjoying your posts regularly, from nearly the beginning of Academic Jungle. Thanks for a great blog, and keep up the good work!

  2. Hello, I’m a recently tenured physics prof at a research-active liberal-arts college. You do good work.

  3. I comment sometimes but I will de-lurk too. I am a former asst prof in life science at an R1 in the south – now I am a happy adjunct at another R1 in a different (more money!) department. I’ve got kids so I really like your working mom observations.

    Poached, still soft in the middle.

  4. Well hello! I need more female academic role models, and I’ll take what I can’t get IRL online, so thanks for being here!!!

  5. Delurking: I am an Assistant Prof at an R1, immigrated from a former socialist country to the US a few years ago, just had a baby. I really like your blog (and I am dying to know where you’re from). Thanks for sharing part of your world with us!

  6. I think I’ve commented only once or twice, but enjoy your blog (and love your sketches!) Recent mechanical engineering MSc grad, now MRI research engineer at a small clinical research institute. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and clever illustrations 🙂

  7. De-lurking. A regular reader here. A theory-computer-science prof at a top-tier research institute in India. No Y chromosome. Love theory cs, solving puzzles, and reading good blogs 🙂

  8. Not a lurker—I comment here fairly often. This is the first I’d heard of International Blog Delurking Week, but it seems to have been going on since 2005. Thanks for the idea—I posted it on my blog also.

    I’m a male with a BS and MS in math and PhD in computer science, who used to teach VLSI design, then bioinformatics, and now electronics for bioengineers. I’ve been associated with various universities as a student or faculty member for almost 45 years now.

  9. Hi, I’m a lurker and regular reader. I did my undergrad in physics, recently finished an MS in an interdisciplinary engineering field, and now work at a federal research lab. Thanks for blogging!

  10. Hi, I’m a lurker and read regularly. I’ve just finished off first year in maths/comp sci/environmental science, and I’m interning as a software engineer at . Thinking of maybe trying for a PhD in a few years, so really interesting to hear more about academia 🙂

  11. (Whoops, turns out this thing doesn’t like angle brackets! that should have been “…as a software engineer at [one of the tech companies everyone’s heard of].)

  12. I think you know that I’m an assistant prof in the physical sciences at a liberal arts college. Due with my 2nd baby (first living baby, I hope!) in mid-Feb. Love those chubby kid extremities!

  13. De-lurking: I’m a PhD student in cognitive neuroscience, originally from Eastern Europe, now in France. I really like your blog, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!

    hard-boiled kind of girl

  14. Unhappy Research Assistant Prof at small liberal arts university (not my choice, but hey, I am the second body in the two body-problem and probably the only one with this title at my institution. Even while I am in physics, that department doesn’t want me, so stuck in a host department where I have no business being). Mom of two boys. Originally from Europe, but soon 10 years of being in the US !!!

  15. I’m a semi-lurker…Assistant prof in EnviSci at R1, mid way through tenure right now and pondering this seemingly never ending box of business cards that I got six years ago. Does anyone use those things any more?

    Fried over medium, preferably on top of a corn tortilla or toast with hot sauce.

  16. I’ve been lurking since FSP put you on her blogroll. I’m a full prof in physical sciences at a big research university. I’m also a single mother by choice with kids at the chubby-feet stage. (I lurk at Gwinne’s blog, too, but delurking there seems to be more complicated. Both places are good sources of moral support!)

  17. I have really enjoyed reading your posts over the past 2-3 years. Full prof at small R1. Only one X chromosome.

  18. I’ve been following you for years, from the old blog to the new one. I’m in the social sciences, in a part where math gets used a fair amount and some people do computational work (and it’s not unusual to see people with a physics background doing well in my neck of the woods). I’m a female assoc prof at a large state school. Enjoy both the academic and the parenting posts.

  19. I’m finishing my MSc in physics somewhere in Europe and am pretty seriously considering that PhD, but I don’t think I’d want to stay in academia all my life. I enjoy your writing and the variety of topics, thanks!

    I think I might have commented here once before, on a previous de-lurking post 🙂

  20. Delurking. Tenure-track assistant professor in biological sciences at medical center. Mom, too. Have enjoyed your blog for years and found you via FSP.

  21. Postdoc in soft matter and biophysics. Have been reading for quite a while, also via FSP.

  22. Long time reader from the GMP days and occasional commenter. Junior engineering prof in a far away land, does theory/computation for a living, and spends enormous time trying to convince people why it is useful. Father of a 3-yr old boy and soon we will be visited by another stork. Husband of a lovely woman. Within our family, we speak 6 languages, and only one of them is common.

    Oh and I check this blog a way too often, at least 5 times a week — is that too much? 🙂

  23. Delurking assistant prof in atmospheric sciences at R1, mom to one munchkin who has grown out of those cute chubby hands sadly, married to another scientist from a far away land. Found you via FSP, now check compulsively for new posts nightly when I can’t work anymore and need some joy and/or snark. *Really* appreciate your book and music recommendations as well as your pithy observations on academic inanities and parenting joy/frustrations. Thank you!

  24. Delurking. I am a postdoc in theoretical physics currently in one European country, while being from a second, and with my boyfriend (also a physicist) in a third. I’ve been following your blog for about two years with great appreciation. I’ve really felt the huge lack of established women in my subfield and at the universities I’ve worked at, so hearing about your life and work is amazing, especially with your sense of humour too. Thank you!

  25. Also delurking. I’ve been reading your blog(s) for ages and love it – thank you! Came here via “I…, the scientist” and am very grateful for that.

    About myself: female electrical engineer, post-doc, from Europe, working in science, hoping to someday be a professor at a teaching-heavy institution (the tenure system is not common here, so it’d be a permanent position fro the start).

    I love your drawings and insights and also compulsively check each day for new posts – November is the best 😉

  26. I’m only a semi-lurker since I comment sometimes. Female, married, small child. I’m a postdoc in the biological sciences in the US, currently on the job marker. I’ve been following since the other blog (when I was but a wee grad student). I love your blog because you put a lot of your personality and humanity into it, and I feel we are similar in many ways. Thanks!!

  27. 5th year earth science prof at a comprehensive uni and semi-regular commenter.

    I too regularly check for updates and you sit at the very top of my blog list.

    Also, thanks for getting me back into the Black Keys. I already liked them but some of your posts about them a few months ago has got me listening to them much more often. Fun stuff!

  28. XX lecturer/post-grad in a big university. Love eggs – fried, poached, boiled, whatever. Yolks must be runny though.

  29. New professor in experimental applied Physics at an R1. Father of two chubby little ones. I also found you through FSP. Love the blog, please do not disappear like FSP!

  30. I comment every once in awhile. I love your blog and found your previous blog through FSP. I’m an Associate Prof in engineering at a private R1 that prides itself on competition. I’m a mother to two young children, and my husband is also a prof.

  31. thanks for your blog! I enjoy reading about another woman academic, and you actually tell it like it is without all the PC or sugarcoating that people usually expect from women.

    To delurk—I’m female, full professor, PhD in Biochemistry, teach and head a research lab at a medical school, 2 teenaged kids, long divorced.

  32. I’m terribly late for the delurking week…
    A male chemist, doing a second (semi-independent) postdoc, born in Eastern Europe (I’m still trying to guess whether your from the Czech Republic or Austria), raised in Israel, worked in the US for a couple of years (Texas), now in Northern Europe (Amsterdam). Following this blog after the old one, for about 4 years now. Originally came for the academic career stuff, but got interested in the women in academia topics.
    Keep up the good work! We lurkers are still reading…

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