1. Professor? Um, professor? Am I expected to remember something from last year’s calculus class? Cause that seems totally, like, unfair. This is not a calculus class!

  2. Ha! This is spot on for the math class I’m teaching now. It’s SO unfair that we have to use things we learned last semester. The test questions are SO unfair because they’re not exactly like the text book questions! WHY does the material keep getting more complicated? That’s SO unfair.

    WHINE. (I need wine).

  3. ‘What do you MEAN units are important?’ ‘Mars. Rover.’

    Someone gave an answer of 177,000 moles last week and I laughed out loud while grading it. (It was a gas law problem.)

  4. Nice! It’s not just physical sciences, by the way. Senior Biology major: “Do you mean I am supposed to remember nucleic acids can base pair, and that replication requires a primer and a 3′ hydroxyl……” That is so unfair.

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