Fun Webcomics

Apropos nothing, here are some webcomics I enjoy.  These are all humorous, but I am also a sucker for beautiful art, so some of the selection reveals that. (I have also contributed to a couple of Kickstarter campaigns and artists’ Patreons. )


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal





PhD Comics (obviously)

PhD Comics


Cyanide and Happiness (not for the easily offended; DO NOT look at the comments, or you’ll lose all faith in humanity)

Cyanide and Happiness


Loonarbaboon (wonderful insights from life with kids)



Sheldon Comics



Wilde Life (gorgeous art; the comment section is full of nice folks who enjoy puns and rhyming)

Wilde Life


Zombie Roomie (I want to draw like this when I grow up)

Zombie Roomie


The next few are smutty, but pretty tame (but here are some smelling salts, just in case) and feature beautiful art.



Menage a 3

Menage a 3

Sticky Dilly Buns

Sticky Dilly Buns

Go Get a Roomie

Go Get a Roomie

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