This one was inspired by real-life events. Earlier this evening, DH and I finally converged at home, me after a post-daycare-pickup trip to the grocery store with the younger two, him after having brought back Eldest from an activity. We passed each other in the garage; he was carrying trash bags out, I was carrying the groceries in, and we shared a brief smooch. It occurred to me that this encounter encapsulated marriage perfectly.

The drawing is very rough, blue pen on a jagged 6×9 cutout (one of the font-combination test pages for my book is on the other side). I placed the drawing on a dining room chair and scanned; the wood grain works beautifully as the rim decoration.

I think it’s lovely and just the perfect amount of messy.


  1. Beautiful. I’m feelin’ the whole marriage-equals-smooch-during-chores thing these days with an infant. With your three boys it must be at least as hectic. 🙂

  2. Can you really find baguettes where you live ??

    Yeah. One grocery store chain bakes artisan bread (from frozen dough) that we really like. There are also a couple of European bakeries in the neighborhood (defined as <15 min drive) but they are expensive and I don't usually think the quality difference justifies the price. But yeah, there is definitely daily fresh baguette and other crunchy-crust bread varieties (Eldest and I are partial to sourdough). Good bread and chocolate are really important to DH and me, and we are mercilessly indoctrinating our kids in the same vein. 🙂

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