Repost: Rummaging Through Archives

Original post here.

This was a busy weekend, with student paperwork emergencies, grading the midterm, helping out kids with some schoolwork, and also DH’s birthday, for which I did some extra special cooking (no guests, just us, but it’s nice to mark the occasion).

I’m feeling a bit 😩😩😩😩😩 and there’s still grading to do, so, without further ado…


I give you some of the most-read posts from 2019!

In Which I Feel a Kinship with Bruce Banner

The Anointed

A Lifelong $hit-Eater Develops Intolerance to $hit

Grant Gnash

Attitude and Aptitude. Alas

In Which Xyk is Called Cynical and Perhaps Rightfully So

An Open Letter to a Kondo Kultist

Reader Question: Funding Strategy for Pre-tenure Faculty

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