1. Thanks, FR! This is all very low-tech and amateurish: I draft with a pencil on regular copy paper on my cramped home-office desk, follow up with ink (my good thin Sharpie disappeared, 6-year-old culprit suspected, so these are in a too-thick felt-tip pen; l I need to get some decent markers). Then I scan with my phone (TurboScan, my favorite app), touch up minimally if at all, and post.

  2. So you are the mastermind behind the Sharpie’s disappearance! 🙂

    I am glad you like the inking. It’s just that, when I draw, the thick lines make me a little uncomfortable and stiff, and I can’t do well some of the detail. For instance, see the top left panel of Professorial Hypertension — her eyes look closed and they weren’t supposed to be, it’s just that I was off a little and here we are. Compare to, for instance, the considerably thinner lines in Eggucated; they are also conducive to shading… But thicker inking scans well. Ah, problems. 🙂

    Anyway, since I’m rambling about drawing, here’s a nice video on how Dave Kellett’s Sheldon strip is created, and a few more tips. All I will say is: electric eraser — want!

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