I usually get a few hundred views per day, and I am happy with that.
But it seems that “A Good Little Girl” really hit a nerve, and has been shared like crazy via Facebook (over 3k shares) and on  Twitter. So I have had several days with thousands of views and it’s been quite exciting watching my WordPress stats page. (Although, to be completely honest, I really enjoy my stats page even on slow days. Not sure that’s entirely healthy.)

I am really glad the post brought many new people to the blog.  Hi there! And welcome!




  1. Yes, I saw your post shared everywhere on my social media. I was very excited for you. 🙂 Congrats! You’ve gone viral!

  2. And thanks to you as well- there are lots of us out here that appreciate what you have to say. Some of your posts hit close to home (hello dinosaur train)and some of your posts are good reminders of who I wanted to be when I decided I would be a physicist (now junior faculty at a good school with kids). There are many of us out here who are figuring out what being successful in science means to us, and how we deal with the “good little girl” stereotype.

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