Infrastructure Blunderbuss

After a mad dash to the deadline, I recouped (read: did weekend chores) and am now heading out of town.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a great segment from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show. The whole segment is longish, but if you only have a few minutes, at 17:15 starts a hilarious trailer for a faux upcoming blockbuster Infrastructure, featuring stars such as Edward Norton and Steve Buscemi.

And two great songs from Jack White’s album Blunderbuss, because it’s Monday and Jack White is awesome.

And since I was on YouTube, I couldn’t miss this oldie but goodie by his old band The Raconteurs (because deep down I am 13)

2CELLOS Rocking


These guys are awesome! (h/t to Eldest’s best friend B, who showed us one of their videos)

By the way, I will do the NaBloPoMo, sort of, unofficially (I did it officially last year but didn’t/don’t see much of a point to it).

Basically, I will post every day in November, because why not? People seemed to enjoy it last year and so did I.

It will certainly help get rid of the metaphorical lactic acid from my writing muscles after the brutality that is writing two NSF proposals in parallel. The proposal submission ship sails on Halloween; I will celebrate by gorging on sugar and scaring little trick-or-treaters whilst doling out candy in my witch attire.

Now back to work…